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Project and Manufacture of Customised Special Parts

QF is specialized in production and manufacturing special customised parts, according to technical features and Customer's needs, responding with efficiency and with maximum quality. Because of this, all products made by QF are fully compliant with technical and performance requirements.

The internal Research and Development Department, following an accurate analysis of the Customer's Drawing, plans the most suitable equipment and it arranges the production phases of the process for the realization of the final product. After producing the first samples, each part is subjected to all necessary controls and scrupulous Laboratory Tests, in order to certify and ensure the quality, according to mechanical and functionality terms.

QF has a complete range of Cold Forming machines ranging from 700KN to 5000KN of maximum push force. The equipment of technologically advanced machineries allows the manufacturing of parts with different sizes and shapes with a weight ranging from 2 g to 2 Kg.

Taking advantage of the availability of an area that employs a wide range of turning and drilling machines and a highly skilled staff, QF is able to satisfy, with efficacy and efficiency, all Customers requests from small to large series. Currently, the QF's catalogue boasts over 600 types of fittings and more than 100 types of bushes.

Automotive Industry

The Company is a leader in the production of fittings for braking systems for cars and motorcycles, as well as micro-valves for ABS system, and is the supplier of the leading European market manufacturers. Thanks to a complex and complete control grid, the product made by QF certified to 100% as it is intended to Security systems.

Mining Industry

In recent years, QF has also expanded its production also for the mining industry, manufacturing ‘shank bits’ to be used in road saw machines, self levelling planers, drilling rig machines, tunnelling equipment, ground stabilization and trenchers. The ‘shank bits’ produced by the company find application as road saws of asphalt, concrete and many other types of terrain.

QF directly produces the "Body" of the ‘shank bits’, while the Customer can handle the assembling according to his specific needs.

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