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To ensure to its Customers a high quality service, distinguished for timely and punctual deliveries, efficiency and safety, QF has studied a special store and shipment management system.

By maintaining minimum stock, the company operates a specific production and delivery program, thereby ensuring a daily shipment “just in time”.

Furthermore, it has an internal warehouse used as storage.

Moreover, the company could offer to its Customers the “consignment stock” key, giving the possibility to have the material any time it is needed.

Finally, the proven experience at national and international level, finally, allows QF to manage, with precision and maximum reliability even urgent shipments to any country, adapting with flexibility to Customer needs.

Just in Time

By its own means (for the national country) or through assigned by the Customer, QF can arrange and carry out urgent shipments in Italy and abroad.

Consignment Stock

To meet the demands of its Customers, the Company was able to evaluate and to introduce storage solutions at the Customer's plant.

Security Stock

Adequate buffer stocks are kept in order to respond timely to the most urgent demands.

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